Family Stipend Guide LP

Do your benefits support your employees' families?

Family is a critical part of your employees' lives, and their productivity levels and performance at work is hugely impacted by their life outside of work. More often than not, that life includes family life. Whether they have young children or family members in need of care, are trying to grow their family in some way, or are in any other countless unique family settings, your employees are constantly trying to balance the challenges and stresses from home with work.

A family stipend is an ideal way to support all of your employees and their families, in whatever shape they take, by helping cover childcare, senior care, fertility treatments, surrogacy, adoption, and whatever that may look like.

Creating a family stipend can be as easy as setting up any other type of employee stipend, but you should definitely think about whether you'd like to offer them manually or leverage a stipend management tool to help you streamline it all.

However you choose to do it, download this guide for four steps to setting up a family stipend.

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