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With a recession on the horizon, chances are that your finance team has already tasked you with finding places to reduce spend - whether that is looking at headcount adjustments, salary freezes, or benefit cutbacks. But how can you keep morale up and offer competitive compensation amid looming budget cuts? By offering personalized perks and stipends! 

Watch as our Customer Success Manager, Mary Migiano, walks you through the trends in benefits for 2023, designing benefit selection programs, and implementing a perks program that your employees will love through reimbursable stipends. Learn popular perk categories such as family and health and wellness that resonate well with employees during times of inflation. Learn budget benchmarks of industry leaders who are using perks and stipends as a critical component to their talent acquisition and retention strategy. We’ll also review different ways to manage reimbursements that will save your HR team time and helps consolidate your software.

Key takeaways will include:

  • How stipends and perks enrich your benefits package and why they’re important for talent acquisition and retention
  • How much to budget for a successful stipend program
  • Benchmarks for competitive benefits packages
  • Different tools to help you manage and administer benefit programs

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