2022 FY Perks Study LP

The results are in! Here's what perks are working:

In today's competitive job market, employee perks and benefits are key factors in attracting and retaining top talent. Many companies are offering a wide range of perks to entice employees and improve their overall job satisfaction, but the success of these benefits can be difficult to gauge.

We conducted a comprehensive study of employee perks data from the full calendar year of 2022 examining original data from Compt customers, including top perk categories and top perk vendors, and how employees spend their stipends when given a choice. 

In this study, we hope to provide valuable insights to companies looking to optimize their employee perks and benefits programs and identify which perks are most effective at engaging and supporting their employees.

Download the report and learn:

  • Real data from real companies across a variety of industries that have shifted to personalized perks
  • Employee spending habits and preferences from more than hundreds of thousands of individual perk transactions
  • The enormous range of ways you can support your employees when offering stipends vs. traditional perk programs

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